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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

1. Independent Sets – A set of vertices I is called independent set if no two vertices in set I are adjacent to each other… Read More
SEQUENCE: It is a set of numbers in a definite order according to some definite rule (or rules). Each number of the set is called… Read More
Covariance and Correlation are two mathematical concepts which are commonly used in the field of probability and statistics. Both concepts describe the relationship between two… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction and types of Relations Relations are represented using ordered pairs, matrix and digraphs: Ordered Pairs – In this set of ordered pairs… Read More
Prerequisite – Solving Recurrences, Different types of recurrence relations and their solutions, Practice Set for Recurrence Relations The sequence which is defined by indicating a… Read More
In the field of Combinatorics, it is a counting method used to compute the cardinality of the union set. According to basic Inclusion-Exclusion principle:   … Read More
Antiderivative – Definition :A function ∅(x) is called the antiderivative (or an integral) of a function f(x) of ∅(x)’ = f(x). Example : x4/4 is… Read More
Prerequisite – Predicates and Quantifiers – Set 1, Set 2 Quantifiers are expressions that indicate the scope of the term to which they are attached,… Read More
The expression denotes times. This can be evaluated as the sum of the terms involving for k = 0 to n, where the first term can be chosen… Read More
Interpolation is an estimation of a value within two known values in a sequence of values. Newton’s divided difference interpolation formula is a interpolation technique… Read More
Prerequisite – K – Map (Karnaugh Map) Implicant is a product/minterm term in Sum of Products (SOP) or sum/maxterm term in Product of Sums (POS) of… Read More
Suppose f(x) and g(x) are 2 functions satisfying three conditions: 1) f(x), g(x) are continuous in the closed interval a <= x <= b 2)… Read More
To put in simple terms, an artificial neuron calculates the ‘weighted sum’ of its inputs and adds a bias, as shown in the figure below… Read More
An equivalence relation is Reflexive, Symmetric and Transitive. Before counting the number of possible equivalence relations on a set |A|=n, let us see an example… Read More
For introduction on matrices, you can refer the following article: Matrix Introduction In this article, we will discuss various operations on matrices and their properties:  Matrices… Read More

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