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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Write a program to calculate double integral numerically. Example: Input: Given the following integral. whereOutput: 3.915905 Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before… Read More
A function is said to be Self dual if and only if its dual is equivalent to the given function, i.e., if a given function… Read More
Prerequisite – Functional Completeness A switching function is expressed by binary variables, the logic operation symbols, and constants 0 and 1. When every switching function… Read More
Simpson’s Paradox in layman’s term is the reversal of relationship within data with respect to the subgroups of data after combining those subgroups data. For… Read More
PDNF: It stands for Principal Disjunctive Normal Form. It refers to the Sum of Products, i.e., SOP. For eg. : If P, Q, R are… Read More
Hypergeometric Distribution Model is used for estimating the number of faults initially resident in a program at the beginning of the test or debugging process… Read More
A Renewal process is a general case of Poisson Process in which the inter-arrival time of the process or the time between failures does not… Read More
Non-homogeneous Poisson process model (NHPP) represents the number of failures experienced up to time t is a non-homogeneous Poisson process {N(t), t ≥ 0}. The… Read More
Prerequisite – Mathematics | Algebraic Structure  Ring – Let addition (+) and Multiplication (.) be two binary operations defined on a non empty set R.… Read More
Data can be roughly divided into two types which are discrete data and continuous data. Discrete data can only take integer values where continuous data… Read More
Prerequisite – Generating Functions-Introduction and Prerequisites In Set 1 we came to know basics about Generating Functions. Now we will discuss more details on Generating Functions… Read More
1. Univariate data – This type of data consists of only one variable. The analysis of univariate data is thus the simplest form of analysis… Read More
Prerequisite – Vertex Cover Problem, NP-Completeness Problem – Given a graph G(V, E) and a positive integer k, the problem is to find whether there… Read More
Prerequisite – Graph Theory Basics – Set 1, Set 2 A graph is defined as set of points known as ‘Vertices’ and line joining these points… Read More
Prerequisite – Random variables, Conditional probability Given n mutually exclusive events A1, A2, …Ak such that their probabilities sum is unity and their union is… Read More

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