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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Prerequisite – Group Finite Group: A group of finite number of elements is called a finite group. Order of a finite group is finite. Examples:… Read More
Prerequisite – Canonical and Standard Form In the below articles, we will see some varieties of problems with three variables. Statement-1: Counting the number of… Read More
The Picard’s method is an iterative method and is primarily used for approximating solutions to differential equations. This method of solving a differential equation approximately… Read More
Given a positive integer N, the task is to count the numbers that can be represented with N bits and whose 0th and Nth bits… Read More
The Gauss Seidel method is an iterative process to solve a square system of (multiple) linear equations. It is also prominently known as ‘Liebmann’ method.… Read More
Determinant of a Matrix is a scalar property of that Matrix. Determinant is a special number that is defined for only square matrices (plural for… Read More
Prerequisite – Rough Set Theory  The main goal of the rough set analysis is the induction of approximations of concepts. Rough sets constitute a sound… Read More
The Concept of derivative can be used to find the maximum and minimum value of the given function. We know that information about and gradient… Read More
Cayley Table – If G is a finite group with the operation *, the Cayley table of G is a table with rows and columns… Read More
Prerequisite: Groups Subgroup – A nonempty subset H of the group G is a subgroup of G if H is a group under binary operation… Read More
Definite integrals are the extension after indefinite integrals, definite integrals have limits [a, b]. It gives the area of a curve bounded between given limits. ,… Read More
Prerequisite: Partial Orders and Lattices | Set-1  Well Ordered Set – Given a poset, (X, ≤) we say that ≤ is a well-order (well-ordering) and that… Read More
The notion of Rough sets was introduced by Z Pawlak in his seminal paper of 1982 (Pawlak 1982). It is a formal theory derived from… Read More
In the below article, we are going to find the number of Boolean Functions possible from the given sets of binary number. Statement-1: Suppose two… Read More
In the below articles, we are going to calculate the number of functions possible from given two sets of the element. Statement: Suppose there are… Read More

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