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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Given the base length, height, and distance of Octagonal Prism we have to find the Surface Area and Volume of the octagonal prism for the… Read More
Boolean algebraic theorems are the theorems that are used to change the form of a boolean expression. Sometimes these theorems are used to minimize the… Read More
Prerequisites: Eigenvectors Nullspace Some important points about eigenvalues and eigenvectors: Eigenvalues can be complex numbers even for real matrices. When eigenvalues become complex, eigenvectors also… Read More
Given the following inputs:   An ordinary differential equation that defines the value of dy/dx in the form x and y. Initial value of y, i.e.,… Read More
Given a very large number N (> 150), the task is to check whether this number is Prime, Semi-Prime or Composite.Example:  Input: N = 90000000 Output:… Read More
Legendre polynomials are a type of orthogonal polynomials which occur often in science and engineering. Hence, their generation is crucial to those fields. There are… Read More
An integer p greater than one is prime iff the only divisors of p are 1 and p. First few prime numbers are 2, 3,… Read More
The hyperbolic cosine function is defined to be: cosh(x) = (ex + e-x)/2 And the hyperbolic sine function is defined as: sinh(x) = (ex -… Read More
There are two types of second order linear differential equations: Homogeneous Equations, and Non-Homogeneous Equations. Homogeneous Equations: General Form of Equation: These equations are of… Read More
One of the major problems that engineers face is the problem of optimization of a certain function. Mathematics provides us with a beautiful way to… Read More
Interpolation refers to the process of creating new data points given within the given set of data. The below code computes the desired data point… Read More
Prerequisite – Group Finite Group: A group of finite number of elements is called a finite group. Order of a finite group is finite. Examples:… Read More
Prerequisite – Canonical and Standard Form In the below articles, we will see some varieties of problems with three variables. Statement-1: Counting the number of… Read More
The Picard’s method is an iterative method and is primarily used for approximating solutions to differential equations. This method of solving a differential equation approximately… Read More
Given a positive integer N, the task is to count the numbers that can be represented with N bits and whose 0th and Nth bits… Read More

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