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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Let a and b be any integer and g be its greatest common divisor of a and b. Then, there exists integers x and y… Read More
Statements : 1. 2. Proof: Here we can see that we need to prove that the two propositions are complement to each other. We know… Read More
Consider a plane y=f(x) in the x-y plane between ordinates x=a and x=b. If a certain portion of this curve is revolved about an axis,… Read More
Orthogonal Vectors: Two vectors are orthogonal to each other when their dot product is 0. How do we define the dot product? Dot product(scalar product)… Read More
In this article, we are going to discuss the following concepts,   What’s a Z-Score? Formula for Z-Score How to Calculate Z-Score? Interpretation of Z-score What’s… Read More
Modular arithmetic is the branch of arithmetic mathematics related with the “mod” functionality. Basically, modular arithmetic is related with computation of “mod” of expressions. Expressions… Read More
Taylor’s theorem is used for the expansion of the infinite series such as etc. so that we can approximate the values of these functions or… Read More
Quotient Remainder Theorem states that for any pair of integers a and b (b is positive), there exists two unique integers q and r such… Read More
Below are some interesting properties of Modular Addition:   (a + b) mod m = ((a mod m) + (b mod m)) mod m (a + b… Read More
Below are some interesting properties of Modular Multiplication    (a x b) mod m = ((a mod m) x (b mod m)) mod m  (a… Read More
Hardy’s Rule is an extension of Newton–Cotes formulas. Consider a function, f(x), tabulated at points equally spaced by such that Given the following inputs 1. A function , whose integrand… Read More
Given a sphere of radius R, The task is to find out the minimum volume of the cone that can be circumscribed about it.  Examples:  … Read More
Given the base length, height, and distance of Octagonal Prism we have to find the Surface Area and Volume of the octagonal prism for the… Read More
Boolean algebraic theorems are the theorems that are used to change the form of a boolean expression. Sometimes these theorems are used to minimize the… Read More
Prerequisites: Eigenvectors Nullspace Some important points about eigenvalues and eigenvectors: Eigenvalues can be complex numbers even for real matrices. When eigenvalues become complex, eigenvectors also… Read More

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