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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with “discrete” mathematical structures instead of “continuous”. Discrete mathematical structures include objects with distinct values… Read More
Brook’s Theorem is one of the most well-known graph coloring theorems. Graph coloring is a subset of graph labeling, in graph theory. It involves the… Read More
The analyticity of a complex function is a non-trivial property. However, there exists a large class of functions that are analytic and these functions are… Read More
The total derivative of a function f at a point is approximation near the point of function w.r.t. (with respect to) its arguments (variables). Total… Read More
Complex analysis is a branch of mathematics that deals with complex numbers, their functions, and their calculus. In simple terms, complex analysis is an extension… Read More
In mathematical graph theory, a chordal graph is a closed-loop having 4 or more vertices such that an edge can be drawn from one vertex… Read More
Eigenvalue: The specific set of scalars connected with the system of linear equations is known as eigenvalues. Matrix equations are where it’s most commonly employed.… Read More
Consider a set A and U denotes the universal set then complement of set A can be found by Ac =U-A. But, a graph G(v,… Read More
Numerical methods are the set of tasks by applying arithmetic operations to numerical equations. We can formulate mathematical problems to find the approximate result. This… Read More
Prerequisite: Introduction and Types of Relations POSET, known as Partially Ordered Set, works on the principle of Partial Ordering Relation. A relation R is said… Read More
Rank Coefficient of Correlation is the method of determination of coefficient of correlation. It is also named Spearman’s Coefficient of Correlation. It measures the linear… Read More
Recursion and induction belong to the branch of Mathematics, these terms are used interchangeably. But there are some differences between these terms.  Recursion is a… Read More
Well-Formed Formula(WFF) is an expression consisting of variables(capital letters), parentheses, and connective symbols. An expression is basically a combination of operands & operators and here… Read More
Probability is a branch in mathematics that specifies how likely an event can occur. The value of probability is between 0 and 1. Zero(0) indicates… Read More
A proposition is an assertion, statement, or declarative sentence that can either be true or false but not both. For example, the sentence “Ram went… Read More

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