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Category Archives: Engineering Mathematics

A function is like a machine that takes some input and gives a single output. For example, y = f(x) is a function in ‘x’. Here,… Read More
Prerequisite : Rings  Ring Homomorphism :A set  with any two binary operations on set   let denoted by  and  is called ring denoted as  , if  is abelian group, and  is semigroup,… Read More
Gauss Elimination Method: Gauss Elimination Method is one of the most widely used methods. This method is a systematic process of eliminating unknowns from the… Read More
Partial derivatives can be used to find the maximum and minimum value (if they exist) of a two-variable function. We try to locate a stationary… Read More
Prerequisite : Scatter Plot Matrix We calculate Sw  ( within class scatter matrix ) and SB ( between class scatter matrix )  for the available… Read More
Introduction :The Collatz conjecture is an elusive problem in mathematics regarding the oneness of natural numbers when run through a specific function based on being… Read More
Pi is believed by some people to be a number that in its infinite length contains all the possible number combinations that could ever be.… Read More
Introduction :Etymologically a set is a collection of distinct elements that may have something particular in common and type means-“of a particular kind”. These two… Read More
Probability refers to the extent of the occurrence of events. When an event occurs like throwing a ball, picking a card from the deck, etc.,… Read More
Overview :An integer p>1 is called a prime number, or prime if the only positive divisors of p are 1 and p. An integer q>1… Read More
Planar Graph :If a graph can be drawn on the plane without crossing, it is said to be planar.Coloring of a simple graph is the… Read More
Introduction : A proof is a valid argument that establishes the truth of a mathematical statement. A proof can use the hypothesis of the theorem, if… Read More
What is the Basel Problem :The Basel problem is an issue of Pietro Mengoli’s theory of numbers in 1644 and Leonhard Euler’s resolution in 1734.… Read More
A graph G is a collection of a set of vertices and a set of edges that connects those vertices. It consists of two sets:… Read More
If you are wondering what are imaginary numbers and thinking that there must be a meaning for imaginary number, Then lets get into the article… Read More

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