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Category Archives: Digital Electronics & Logic Design

Prerequisite : Full Adder in Digital LogicGiven three inputs of Full Adder A, B,C-IN. The task is to implement the Full Adder circuit and Print… Read More
Arithmetic circuits can perform seven different arithmetic operations using a single composite circuit. It uses a full adder (FA) to perform these operations. A multiplexer (MUX)… Read More
Prerequisite –Full Subtractor in Digital Logic In this, we will discuss the overview of the full subtractor and will implement the full subtractor logic in… Read More
An Amplifier is simply an electronic device that is used to increase the strength of the input signal. In this process of amplification, even the… Read More
Modulation is simply a widely used process in communication systems in which a very high-frequency carrier wave is used to transmit the low-frequency message signal… Read More
You must have heard this term being used in multiple instances when it comes to various Display devices or even your smartphone Display. Let’s discuss… Read More
NAPIER’S BONES : It is created by John Napier in the year 1617. It is the better calculating device invented at that time period. It… Read More
While buying a mobile phone we might have heard these words – IPS LCD display, TFT LCD display, OLED display, Super AMOLED display, etc. We… Read More
ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number History : ESN was assigned by U.S Federal Communications Commission generally known as FCC in United States in early… Read More
An electrical Switch is any gadget used to intrude on the progression of electrons in a circuit. Switches are basically paired gadgets: they are either… Read More
Infrared sensor : IR sensor is a basic electronic gadget which transmits and distinguishes IR radiation to discover certain items/impediments in its reach. A portion… Read More
An Electronic wallet, in some cases, called an “advanced wallet” or “e-wallet”, is an electronic rendition of an installment card that is approved to lead… Read More
Analog signals : The analog signals were utilized in many systems to supply signals to hold information. These signals remain in the continuous state in… Read More
A signal is an electromagnetic or electrical current that carries data from one system or network to a special. There are two main sorts of… Read More
Combinational logic is the concept in which two or more input state define one or more output state. Encoder and Decoder are the combinational logic… Read More

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