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Category Archives: Data Mining

Technological advancement has made data analysis and visualization easy. These include the development of software and hardware technologies. According to Big Data, 90% of global… Read More
ER model is used for logical representation or the conceptual view of data. It is a high level of the conceptual data model. It forms… Read More
Multilayer Feed-Forward Neural Network(MFFNN) is an interconnected Artificial Neural Network with multiple layers that has neurons with weights associated with them and they compute the… Read More
The increasing power of computer technology creates a large amount of data and storage. Databases are increasing rapidly and in this computerized world everything is… Read More
A classification between supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms is a type of machine learning called semi-supervised learning. At the time of training, it uses both… Read More
Data mining is the process of discovering and extracting hidden patterns from different types of data to help decision-makers make decisions. Associative classification is a… Read More
Association rule learning is a machine learning technique used for discovering interesting relationships between variables in large databases. It is designed to detect strong rules… Read More
Proximity-based methods are an important technique in data mining. They are employed to find patterns in large databases by scanning documents for certain keywords and… Read More
Data mining is also called discovering the knowledge in data, basically, it is the process of uncovering the various patterns and valuable information from given… Read More
Backpropagation is an algorithm that back propagates the errors from output nodes to the input nodes. Therefore, it is simply referred to as backward propagation… Read More
CLIQUE is a density-based and grid-based subspace clustering algorithm. So let’s first take a look at what is a grid and density-based clustering technique.  Grid-Based… Read More
STING is a Grid-Based Clustering Technique. In STING, the dataset is recursively divided in a hierarchical manner. After the dataset, each cell is divided into… Read More
The ANN(Artificial Neural Network) is based on BNN(Biological Neural Network) as its primary goal is to fully imitate the Human Brain and its functions. Similar… Read More
Dimension reduction is a necessary step in the effective analysis of massive high-dimensional datasets. It may be the main objective in Data Mining for the… Read More
Active learning is an iterative type of supervised learning and this learning method is usually preferred if the data is highly available, yet the class… Read More

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