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Category Archives: Computer Organization & Architecture

ROM is a read-only memory which is used to store the data. The memory in the ROM is organized as a two-dimensional array of memory… Read More
I2C stands for Inter-Integrated Circuit. It is a bus interface connection protocol incorporated into devices for serial communication. It was originally designed by Philips Semiconductor… Read More
Prerequisite – Complement of a Number The use of complements is to mainly perform Subtraction. We can easily perform addition in contrast if we would… Read More
Leibniz Calculator : In the year 1671, the scientist named Gottfried Leibniz generally modified the Pascal calculator, and he designed his own machine for performing… Read More
Spatial Computing is termed as a user interface that uses technology to make a computer interface in a three-dimensional world by changing the physical reality… Read More
Pascal’s Calculator : In the year 1642, a French scientist named Blaise Pascal invented the machine used for addition called Pascal’s calculation. It is a… Read More
Direct Memory Access (DMA) : DMA Controller is a hardware device that allows I/O devices to directly access memory with less participation of the processor.… Read More
The need for Supercomputer : In India, the necessity for supercomputer is required for improving the monsoon forecasting capability, in the mid-1980’s India desperately need… Read More
Prerequisite – Analytical Engine The Analytical Engine is the General-Purpose Mechanical Computer Engine which is a fully program-controlled machine that also has an automatic mechanical… Read More
Prerequisite – Generations of Computer Today the globe has become trendy thanks to technology. To finish each form of task, we tend to use a… Read More
1. LEIBNIZ CALCULATOR : The Leibniz calculator is also called as Leibniz wheel or stepped drum. It is a type of cylinder which is there… Read More
The computer is designed by a professor named Charles Babbage. And analytical engine which was basic framework architecture of computer system was also designed by… Read More
The Division of two fixed-point binary numbers in the signed-magnitude representation is done by the cycle of successive compare, shift, and subtract operations. The binary… Read More
Data Manipulation Instructions : Data manipulation instructions perform operations on data and provide the computational capabilities for the computer. The data manipulation instructions in a… Read More
Service Robots are one of those robots which behave and do work like that of humans and are quite interactive. These robots can do those… Read More

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