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Content addressable memory (CAM) is a data storage device, that stores memory in cells. When any aspect of the memory is entered, the CAM compares… Read More
1. CAM :Content Addressable Memory (CAM) is a peculiar computer memory used in high-speed search-oriented applications. CAM consists of conventional semiconductor memory, typically SRAM(static RAM)… Read More
Overview : Multi-cycle data path break up instructions into separate steps. It reduces average instruction time. Each step takes a single clock cycle Each functional… Read More
Types of Caches : L1 Cache : Cache built in the CPU itself is known as L1 or Level 1 cache. This type of cache… Read More
Overview :Based on operation performed, machine instructions can be divided into the following : Data Transfer instructions. Data Manipulation Instructions (Computation) : Arithmetic and Logical… Read More
In this article we will try to understand the details associated with the DMA (Direct Memory Access) like what exactly DMA is or how it… Read More
In this article, we will discuss the Return from Subroutine and Return from Interrupt and will explain in detail and finally conclude with Difference between… Read More
Introduction :If in microprocessor chip, new circuitry can be added with special purpose to perform special tasks or to perform operations on numbers in order… Read More
Introduction :In a computer, all the instructions and data are stored in main or primary memory.  During execution, they have to be transferred to the… Read More
Prerequisite : Random Access Memory (RAM), Introduction of Embedded Systems Introduction :Unlike application programs in computers, software in embedded systems do not execute from RAM.… Read More
Optical Disks :An disk that is optical basically a memory gadget that stores information permanently. For putting away information optical plate utilizes LASER innovation. A… Read More
DATA processing instructions :We use data processing instructions to manipulate data within the registers.  Types for data processing instructions –  Arithmetic instructions Logical instructions Multiply… Read More
RISC processors :They are processors that use a small instruction set and simple addressing mode so that their instructions can be executed much faster within… Read More
Introduction :As instructions are a part of the program which are stored inside the memory, so every time the processor requires to execute an instruction,… Read More
Command word of 8259 is divided into two parts : Initialization command words(ICW) Operating command words(OCW) Initialization command words(ICW) : ICW is given during the… Read More

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