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Category Archives: Computer Organization & Architecture

1. Buffer : Buffer is a temporary storage area, usually a block in memory, in which items are placed while waiting to be transferred from… Read More
Embedded Systems are classified based on the two factors i.e. Performance and Functional Requirements Performance of Micro-controllers Based on Performance and Functional Requirements it is… Read More
1. Tablet: A tablet or Tablet Computer is a device generally operated with a mobile operating system. It has a touchscreen display and there is a… Read More
1. Plotter : A plotter is the category of printer that takes commands from the computer and then makes drawings on the paper with the… Read More
I/O Interface: There is need of surface whenever any CPU wants to communicate with I/O devices. The interface is used to interpret address which is generated… Read More
1. Random Access Memory (RAM) : Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to store the programs and data being used by the CPU in real-time. The… Read More
There isn’t wide range of motherboard sizes available but in this article, we will discuss about the available options and when to use suitable size.… Read More
Control characters are characters that don’t represent printable character yet rather serves to start particular action. Control characters are utilized to execute any action, in… Read More
Input-Output Interface is used as an method which helps in transferring of information between the internal storage devices i.e. memory and the external peripheral device… Read More
The block diagram of an Input-Output Interface unit contain the following blocks : 1. Data Bus Buffer 2. Read/Write Control Logic 3. Port A, Port… Read More
1. Cache Memory: The cache is a smaller and fast memory component in the computer which is inserted between the CPU and the main memory. To… Read More
Prerequisite: Computing systems, Processing unit Processing Unit: Processing units also have some small memory called registers. The interface between the processor (processing unit) and memory… Read More
1. Active Transducer: It is the type of transducer device that does not require any exterior power supply for producing output and which is in… Read More
Prerequisite – Cache Memory Cache coherence : In a multiprocessor system, data inconsistency may occur among adjacent levels or within the same level of the… Read More
Advanced RISC Machine (ARM) Processor is considered to be family of Central Processing Units that is used in music players, smartphones, wearables, tablets and other… Read More

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