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Category Archives: Computer Organization & Architecture

Stack size is a crucial aspect of C/C++ programming that determines the amount of memory available for storing function call frames and local variables. In… Read More
FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. It is a reprogrammable chip which is a collection of hundreds of thousands of logic gates that connects… Read More
A microprocessor is a computer processor that is found in most modern personal computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. It is a central processing unit… Read More
The decoder is a combinational circuit consists of ‘n’ no of input lines and ‘2^n’ no of output lines. It decodes the original signal from… Read More
In digital electronics, the binary system is one of the most common number representation techniques. As its name suggest binary number system deals with only… Read More
A System Restore is a backup of a system configuration settings of the Windows Operating System, that helps the system recover to an earlier date… Read More
Real numbers have a fractional component. This article explains the real number representation method using fixed points. In digital signal processing (DSP) and gaming applications,… Read More
SoC stands for System on Chip it is a small integrated chip that contains all required components and circuits of a particular system. However, SBC… Read More
SoC stands for System On Chip. It is a small integrated chip that contains all the required components and circuits of a particular system. The… Read More
In 1977, Wolfgang Handler presented a computer architectural classification scheme for determining the degree of parallelism and pipelining built into the computer system hardware. Parallel… Read More
Dual-Core processors are those processing units that have two cores. A core is like a processing part that can complete a single time at a… Read More
Quad-Core processors are those processing systems that have four cores so it is capable of performing a number of tasks at the same time means… Read More
Processors are one of the most important components of any processing system. Any desktop or laptop comes with the configuration of different cores of processors,… Read More
Apple Silicon is basically a set of separate processors which are developed by Apple to be used in their laptops so that they become more… Read More
8051 microcontroller is a microcontroller designed by Intel in 1981. It is an 8-bit microcontroller with 40 pins DIP (dual inline package), 4kb of ROM… Read More

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