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Category Archives: Computer Organization & Architecture

Introduction Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) is a special case of the Multiple Instruction Multiple Data model (MIMD) of Flynn’s classification. In the SPMD model,… Read More
Parallel computing refers to the process of executing several processors or applications simultaneously. It is a kind of architecture where large problems break into smaller… Read More
The 8087 is basically known as the Numeric Data Processor, but it’s also called a Math Co-processor. 8087 numeric data processor is also known as… Read More
Data types are an important part of microprocessor programming. They specify the types of data that can be stored in variables and the operations that… Read More
80386 microprocessor, often known as the i386, was a popular x86-based microprocessor. It is important to note that the state of the processor after reset… Read More
The Intel 80386 microprocessor, often known as the i386, was a popular x86-based microprocessor. Its capacity to run in numerous modes, which allowed varied levels… Read More
Pre-requisites: Cache Memory Performance Cache memory can improve both the efficiency and speed of a computer by reducing the number of accesses to main memory… Read More
We all know how to perform arithmetic operations of binary number systems. However, computer system generally stores numbers in 2’s complement format. So it becomes… Read More
Pre-requisites: Interrupts, Software, and Hardware interrupts The interrupt is a signal emitted by hardware or software when a process or an event needs immediate attention.… Read More
Stack size is a crucial aspect of C/C++ programming that determines the amount of memory available for storing function call frames and local variables. In… Read More
FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. It is a reprogrammable chip which is a collection of hundreds of thousands of logic gates that connects… Read More
A microprocessor is a computer processor that is found in most modern personal computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. It is a central processing unit… Read More
The decoder is a combinational circuit consists of ‘n’ no of input lines and ‘2^n’ no of output lines. It decodes the original signal from… Read More
In digital electronics, the binary system is one of the most common number representation techniques. As its name suggest binary number system deals with only… Read More
A System Restore is a backup of a system configuration settings of the Windows Operating System, that helps the system recover to an earlier date… Read More