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Category Archives: Computer Networks

Switching the LAN uses the hardware area as the basis for independent transmission and filtering. The LAN switch types determine how the frame is processed… Read More
IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) is a large set of protocols and algorithms. IPsec is majorly used for securing data transmitted all over the internet. The… Read More
NAT Traversal stands for Network Address Translation Traversal. This type of traversal method is used in web technologies to manage and process all the IP… Read More
RPC is an effective mechanism for building client-server systems that are distributed. RPC enhances the power and ease of programming of the client/server computing concept.… Read More
A Distributed system consists of numerous components located on different machines that communicate and coordinate operations to seem like a single system to the end-user.… Read More
In simplest terms, the Internet is a global network comprised of smaller networks that are interconnected using standardized communication protocols. The Internet standards describe a… Read More
A Distributed System is a Network of Machines that can exchange information with each other through Message-passing. It can be very useful as it helps… Read More
Hacking is the term given to processes and methods put into practice malicious activities to gain access over a system. Hacking is performed to access… Read More
The security of an organization is the utmost concern of people working at the organization. Safety and security are the pillars of cyber technology. It… Read More
Information theory is a branch of probability theory that terms of error probability. An errorless transmission is possible when the probability of error at the… Read More
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a communication technology that is used by one program to make a request to another program for utilizing its service… Read More
In this article, we will go through the concept of how server management is done in Distributed Systems in detail. Server Management: The implementation of… Read More
A PAN (also known as a WPAN) is a network used for communication among intelligent gadgets that are physically close to a person (including smartphones,… Read More
Packet Sniffing is the process of expanding monitors checks every packet that passes through any network. Packet Sniffers will give network administrators the to monitor… Read More
This article will go through the concept of Communication protocols for Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) in Distributed Systems in detail. Communication Protocols for Remote Procedure… Read More

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