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Category Archives: Computer Networks

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communication technology that allows users to make and receive voice calls over an internet connection rather than traditional… Read More
IP routing is one of the important topics in computer networks. IP routing is performed on the data which describes the path that data follows… Read More
The OSI model, which was first introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1977, is a reference that specifies the transferring of data… Read More
Time-to-live in networking refers to the time limit imposed on the data packet to be in-network before being discarded. It is an 8-bit binary value… Read More
In the field of computer networking, the network management functions are widely used to signal links or restore the failed links, activate the idle links,… Read More
This article will go through the concept of conditions for deadlock in distributed systems. Deadlock refers to the state when two processes compete for the… Read More
The following are the strategies used for Deadlock Handling  in Distributed System: Deadlock Prevention Deadlock Avoidance Deadlock Detection and Recovery 1. Deadlock Prevention: As the… Read More
This article will go through the concept of the Atomic Commit Protocol in detail. The Atomic Commit Protocol guarantees the atomicity property of a transaction… Read More
A socket is an End-Point of 2 sided or two-way communication link between two PCs running on the network. For Example: If there are two… Read More
Deadlocks are a fundamental problem in distributed systems. A process may request resources in any order and a process can request resources while holding others.… Read More
RUDP stands for Reliable user datagram protocol, whereas UDP is one of the core members of IP i.e internet protocol suite. UDP is used as… Read More
In the world of modern technologies, the security of digital information is an important aspect. Cyber-attacks and theft, exploitation and loss of data are the… Read More
Access Point is a networking sub device in a LAN (Local Area Network) which provides other locations to connect and enables the devices on the… Read More
Remote File Inclusion (RFI) is a type of vulnerability most often found on the suited PHP running web portals be on the web and the… Read More
Today when everyone is talking about 4G-5G networks, we generally don’t consider knowing networking basics. Although, since, we all are connected today with the internet,… Read More

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