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Category Archives: Computer Networks

Computing Technologies are the technologies that are used to manage, process, and communicate data. In this article, we will learn about Transaction Processing in Mobile… Read More
Pre-requisites: Generations of wireless communication  Mobile communication is the simultaneous interchange of voice and data through a communication network without a physical connection. Without any… Read More
Data Dissemination is a procedure where the server initiates and manages transfer of data as well as updates. It also helps in maintaining data consistency… Read More
Pre-requisites: GSM in Wireless Communication  GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communication. This article explains two of the functionalities of GSM networks, which are… Read More
FDMA is a type of channelization protocol. This bandwidth is divided into various frequency bands. Each station is allocated a band to send data and… Read More
Usenet is the contraction of the User Network. It resembles just a Bulletin Board System where users can post articles or posts on various topics.… Read More
Spread spectrum is a communication technique in which the frequency spectrum of a signal is spread out over a wider bandwidth than the minimum bandwidth… Read More
Network Topology and Network Protocols are closely related but distinct concepts in the field of computer networking. Network Topology refers to the physical and logical… Read More
Network congestion refers to a situation in which a network experiences an excessive amount of traffic, resulting in a reduction of available bandwidth and increased… Read More
Pre-requisites: Areas of Network Management  Network management and Network monitoring are two important functions in maintaining the performance and security of a network. While they… Read More
Co-channel interference is not actually an interference but more a sort of congestion when more than one device is operating on the same frequency channel.… Read More
Pre-requisites: TCP Snooping  The delayed duplicate acknowledgment or DDA approach is intended to be a modification of the Snooping TCP approach. As you know Snooping… Read More
MBone (short for “multicast backbone”) is a virtual network built on top of the Internet that provides a multicasting facility to the Internet. It was… Read More
Quality of Service (QoS) is a set of technologies and techniques used to manage and optimize the performance of a computer network. The main goal… Read More
Note-taking applications are the ones that store all notes and important information digitally. One can also type, write, and draw notes on the device of… Read More

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