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Category Archives: Computer Networks

Prerequisite – Responsibilities of Transport Layer 1. Secure Shell (SSH) :It is a transport layer that is used for secure logins and share of information… Read More
Introduction:-Nowadays Server side is getting strong day by day but there are still vulnerabilities present on the client-side and this leads to client-side exploitation. This… Read More
Introduction:IrDA(Infrared Data Association) is one type of personal communication area network which is deployed in infrared rays. IrDA Applications: The data transfer takes place between… Read More
In this article we will know how to write a TCL script for the simulation of one of the routing protocols link state routing (also… Read More
Introduction :Man In The Middle Attack implies an active attack where the attacker/Hacker creates a connection between the victims and sends messages between them or… Read More
IoT architecture is a framework that specifies the physical elements, network technical arrangement and setup, operating procedures, and data formats to be used. IoT architecture… Read More
Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) :SSRF stands for the Server Side Request Forgery. SSRF is a server site attack that leads to sensitive information disclosure from… Read More
GSM  stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. GSM is an open and digital cellular technology used for mobile communication. It uses 4 different frequency… Read More
1. Firebase :Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) that helps developers to build, manage, deploy their applications effortlessly. It is developed by Google and provides a… Read More
Prerequisite – Protocols in Application Layer  Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a protocol that promotes the synchronization of clocks throughout a computer network. This protocol… Read More
1. Network Time Protocol (NTP) :It is a protocol that promotes the computer’s clock times to be synchronized in a system. This protocol is an… Read More
The Binary Exponential Backoff Algorithm prevents packet collisions during simultaneous access by randomizing moments at stations attempting to access the wireless channels. However, this randomization… Read More
1. Single-factor authentication: This authentication process is much simpler and is also considerably faster. With this Authentication process, we don’t have to face any complexity.… Read More
MGCP stands for Media Gateway Control Protocol. It is a protocol that is extensively used for signalling and controlling communications protocols applied in VoIP telecommunication… Read More
Introduction :Cluster computing is a collection of tightly or loosely connected computers that work together so that they act as a single entity. The connected… Read More

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