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As we know a distributed system is a collection where different processes in order to perform a task communicate with each other. In wave algorithm… Read More
When the RTO timer expires but an ACK is not received, the sender confirms that the packet is lost due to congestion at intermediary devices.… Read More
When a packet loss is detected in TCP communication between client and server, the next step is to recover the lost data packet. There are… Read More
TCP New Reno is the extension of TCP Reno. It overcomes the limitations of Reno. TCP Reno is the second variant of the TCP which… Read More
Port number is a 16-bit numerical value that ranges from 0 to 65535. Well-known port (0-1023), registered port (1024-49151), and dynamic port is three types… Read More
Prerequisite: Socket Programming in C/C++, fork() System call  Problem Statement: In this article, we are going to write a program that illustrates the Client-Server Model… Read More
Given the initial congestion window size cwnd, threshold value ssthresh, connection time rtt and an array arr where arr[i] implies the time when a packet… Read More
Prerequisite: Cyber Security and  Types of Cyber Attacks In this article, you will get more idea about the life cycle of Cyberattacks. The cyber Attack… Read More
An eclipse attack is a P2P (Peer to Peer) network-based attack. Eclipse attack can only be performed on nodes that accept incoming connections from other… Read More
In this article, we will get into detail about the three-tier client-server architecture. The most common type of multi-tier architecture in distributed systems is a… Read More
Cyberethics is a branch of computer technology behavior that defines the best practices that must be adopted by a user when he uses the computer… Read More
Security engineers are mainly engineers who occupy a special(technical) role in an organization. The major role of a security engineer is to protect any sensitive… Read More
A computer network is a group of devices connected to each other using a transmission method such as cables etc. These devices can be computers,… Read More
CISM stands for Certified Information Security Manager. CISM was introduced by ISACA with some great features to meet the high status of classification with ANSI… Read More
A computer network is a framework that associates various autonomous computers to share data (information) and assets. The incorporation of computers and other various gadgets… Read More

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