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Category Archives: Compiler Design

Symbolic analysis helps in expressing program expressions as symbolic expressions. During program execution, functional behavior is derived from the algebraic representation of its computations. Generally,… Read More
Prerequisite – Introduction of Finite Automata Utility – To construct DFA from a given regular expression, we can first construct an NFA for the given… Read More
A syntax tree is a tree in which each leaf node represents an operand, while each inside node represents an operator. The Parse Tree is… Read More
Backpatching is basically a process of fulfilling unspecified information. This information is of labels. It basically uses the appropriate semantic actions during the process of… Read More
When the token pattern does not match the prefix of the remaining input, the lexical analyzer gets stuck and has to recover from this state… Read More
A compiler is system software that translates the source program written in a high-level language into a low-level language. The compilation process of source code… Read More
A compiler is a piece of software that translates high-level programming language source code into machine code. It translates code written in one programming language… Read More
The handle is the substring that matches the body of a production whose reduction represents one step along with the reverse of a Rightmost derivation.… Read More
Tokens and terminals are similar words and are often used interchangeably. But there is a conceptual difference between both terms, the differences are discussed in… Read More
Compilers and interpreters use grammar to build the data structure in order to process the programs. So ideally one program should have one derivation tree.… Read More
Flex stands for fast lexical analyzer generator, it is a computer application that is used to generate lexical analyzers for the programs written in lex… Read More
Static Single Assignment was presented in 1988 by Barry K. Rosen, Mark N, Wegman, and F. Kenneth Zadeck.  In compiler design, Static Single Assignment (… Read More
Let’s start our discussion with a very few lines of C –  C #include <stdio.h>    int main() {        int x = 97;     char… Read More
Machine Independent code optimization tries to make the intermediate code more efficient by transforming a section of code that doesn’t involve hardware components like CPU… Read More
Error Recovery :This is a process that takes action against the error to get the negative effects reductions as much as possible, also known as… Read More

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