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Category Archives: Compiler Design

Compiler design is inherently a regional practice. In this article, we’ll see how the regions that define a compiler differ from one another and how… Read More
Compilers are the tool used to translate high-level programming language to low-level programming language. The simple compiler works in one system only, but what will… Read More
The compilation process transforms the high-level language into low-level or machine-level language. In program translation, the method is the same, but the translation is taking… Read More
We know that the Predictive parser performs Left most derivative while parsing the given sentence. Now the given sentence may be a valid sentence or… Read More
Software productivity tools help developers create and manage software projects more effectively. These tools can help developers track the progress of their projects, manage software… Read More
A compiler is a software that converts high-level language to low-level assembly language and we are all quite familiar with its name and work. A… Read More
The different scopes of code optimization include Local Optimization, Regional Optimization, Global Optimization, and Interprocedural Optimization.  Local Optimization refers to optimization in a Basic Block.… Read More
Intermediate Representation(IR), as the name suggests, is any representation of a program between the source and target languages. The intermediate form of the program that… Read More
Syntax Directed Translation is a set of productions that have semantic rules embedded inside it. The syntax-directed translation helps in the semantic analysis phase in… Read More
POSIX stands for Portable Operating System Interface. It defines a set of standard operating system interfaces based on the UNIX OS. These standards are specified… Read More
Type checking is the process of verifying and enforcing constraints of types in values. A compiler must check that the source program should follow the… Read More
Prerequisite: LR Parser, SLR Parser SLR (1) grammar SLR stands for Simple LR grammar. It is an example of a bottom-up parser. The “L” in… Read More
Liveliness Analysis consists of a specified technique that is implemented to optimize register space allocation, for a given piece of code and facilitate the procedure… Read More
LR parser is a bottom-up parser. It is always used to deal with context-free Grammar (CFGs). It is generally used by computer programming language compilers… Read More
The first depth search of the graph visits all the nodes in the graph once, starting with the entry point and visiting the nodes as… Read More

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