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Category Archives: Competitive Programming

The query-based questions of competitive programming are mainly of two types: Offline Query. Online Query.  Offline Query An offline algorithm allows us to manipulate the… Read More
It is given to you that on 1st January 2001 it was Monday. Let’s call a year as Geeky if the 1st January of that… Read More
Competitive Programming is a mental sport that involves programmers competing against each other within the given time limit. It makes your problem-solving and coding skills… Read More
The Ad Hoc problems are problems that cannot be classified anywhere else in the categories with well-studied solutions since each problem description and its corresponding… Read More
Competitive Programming is a mental sport that enables us to code a given problem under provided constraints. The purpose of this article is to guide… Read More
Competitive Programming is a field for programmers to make programs based on requirements and provided specifications. Usually, during the first or second year of college,… Read More
The moment a beginner hears this word, an image pops up in one’s mind where students are sitting in a room full of Computers and… Read More
If you’re a Computer Science student or a coding enthusiast, chances are more you’ve heard individuals discussing their Competitive Programming skills and rankings & achievements… Read More
As we all know, while solving any CP problems, the very first step is collecting input or reading input. A common mistake we all make… Read More
It’s time for the final exam in algorithms and data structures! Edsger prepared N sets of problems. Each set consists of problems in an increasing… Read More
Given an array arr[ ] of size N and an integer p, the task is to find maximum possible value of rightmost element of array… Read More
With robotics technology moving rapidly ahead of itself, it has become very important for developers to meet software needs. The hardware mechanics have become very… Read More
Given a binary string s, the task is to calculate the number of such substrings where the count of 1‘s is strictly greater than the… Read More
When we talk about Competitive Programming, we can’t ignore the significance of Mathematics here. Yes, it is true that one can get started with competitive… Read More
Given an array arr[], the goal is to count the number of inversions in all the sub-arrays. An inversion is a pair of indices i… Read More

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