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Floating Static Route means we are going above the distance of the dynamic default route. In other words, floating static routes are used as provisory… Read More
An IP address is a unique identity of any computer system on the internet by which it can communicate with other networks, servers, and web… Read More
VLAN stands for a virtual local area network, additionally referred to as a Logical Network VLAN can logically create many virtual networks to split network… Read More
Routing is the process of selecting a path along which the data can be transferred from the source to the destination. In this article, we… Read More
Network Controller, the linchpin of Software Defined Networking (SDN) management is an expansible server role providing a centralized, programmable point of automation that can manage,… Read More
A star topology for a Local Area Network (LAN) is one in which each node is connected to a central connection point, such as a… Read More
WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. WLAN is a local area network that uses radio communication to provide mobility to the network users while… Read More
In computer networking, a link-local address is the IP address that is to be used for communication within a logical division of the network or… Read More
Prerequisites: Routing Tables in Computer Network A router ID is a 32-bit Internet Protocol address that uniquely identifies a router or an interface in an… Read More
The packets sent using IP protocol always consist of the source IP address and destination IP address. Then IP protocol passes the incoming data to… Read More
A default gateway is a node that enables a connection between networks in order to allow machines on other networks to communicate, In other words,… Read More
A logical network is a model of the connection between entities in which each entity is defined by a node, and the links between nodes… Read More
Before learning about a security vulnerability that affects VPNs we need to know what is security vulnerabilities. So basically, Vulnerabilities are the bugs, flaws or… Read More
TELNET stands for Terminal Network. It follows the approach of client-server. The connection of the local system to the remote system is established in such… Read More
The process of packet forwarding simply implies the forwarding of incoming packets to their intended destination.  Internet is made up of generally two terms- Interconnection… Read More

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