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Prerequisites – Basic understanding of INTERNET and NETWORKS. Before understanding what a SOHO is one must have a sound knowledge of what actually is internet.… Read More
Pre-requisites: RIP, super netting Supernetting is mainly used in Route Summarization, where routes to multiple networks with similar network prefixes are combined into a single… Read More
DMZ Network stands for the demilitarized zone it is a perimeter network that protects along with adding an extra layer of security to an organization’s… Read More
A firewall is a type of network security device component that is used to keep track of incoming and outgoing network traffic and then make… Read More
Information from network documentation is crucial to the success of any networking project. It is essential for everyone involved in the project to understand and… Read More
Computer networks are becoming more and more complex and the need for network connectivity is growing. The need has grown to the point where the… Read More
First known as RS232, this standard was developed in the 1960s to define electrical signals between a communication device and the computer to which it… Read More
The next hop IP is the IP address of a nearby router or other device connected to the controller at Layer 2. If the controller… Read More
The IETF Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points Protocol (CAPWAP) standard are used by Lightweight Cisco Access Points for the purpose of communicating with… Read More
A router is a computer in a network that directs the packets of data from one network to another. It has two or more input… Read More
A memory buffer is a portion of the memory used by the switch to store data. Network switch interfaces buffer or drop traffic that exceeds… Read More
EIGRP is an Advanced Distance Vector and Hybrid Routing Protocol. This is a CISCO proprietary protocol. It does not use broadcast packets to send information… Read More
Virtualization is the process of operating a virtual computer. Software used in virtualization enables you to run virtual systems, hardware, and applications on a single… Read More
IP address conservation is the goal of Network Address Translation (NAT). It makes it possible for private IP networks to connect to the Internet using… Read More
Optical communication is the use of light to transmit information. This form of communication has many applications in many fields and is very useful for… Read More

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