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A partnership is a contract between two or more parties who club their resources and form a business with a common goal. The persons or… Read More
Exporting goods and services refer to sending them from the home country to a foreign country. Similarly, Importing goods and services means purchasing or bringing… Read More
A contract signed between two parties, through which one party agrees or promises to cover the loss suffered by another party by receiving some money… Read More
We can define management as the process of getting things done through and with people to achieve a common goal effectively and efficiently.  When we… Read More
Every organisation deals with a number of things like buying, selling, borrowing, investing, etc. In these, a lot of money is involved in the form… Read More
Funds can be generated by a lot of sources in a business organization. The easiest method is the public issuance of securities. However, private companies… Read More
An Agreement can be defined as an acceptance of an offer given by one party to another. Every promise and set of promises that form… Read More
Statutory corporations are autonomous corporate bodies established by a special act of Parliament or a state legislature, with predefined functions, duties, powers, and immunity as… Read More
In any business, funds play a very important role, and the problem arises for that individual when he/she is keen to start a business, has… Read More
A supermarket is a large-scale retail establishment that specializes in necessities and convenience items. They have large warehouses and sell both food and non-food items.… Read More
The word “cooperative” means to work together and cooperate with each other, similarly, in a cooperative society, a group of people forms a voluntary association… Read More
Financial Institutions refer to a business establishment that serves as a link between the savers and investors and helps them to channelize the funds into… Read More
The concept of Management involves planning and organizing different activities of an organization in order to accomplish its goals. Proper business management of an organization… Read More
From an individual’s point of view, an organization exists to earn profit. However, if we see it socially, an organization exists to supply goods and… Read More
An organization engaged in some commercial activity or business with the motive of earning profit is known as a business enterprise. If an individual or… Read More

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