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The general statements that guide thinking and channel energy toward a particular direction are known as Policies. Policies are a type of Standing Plan and… Read More
Every organisation is not competent in every activity, and to get those things done properly and efficiently, it needs to outsource some of its activities… Read More
A plan which is made for activities that occur after regular intervals of time or its occurrence is sure in the future is known as… Read More
A management plan is a global plan that provides the objective of any organization’s project. A plan certainly defines responsibilities, roles, etc., to ensure the… Read More
Planning is required by all individuals, businesses, and non-business organizations. It is practised for all types of organizations small, medium and large. The primary function… Read More
A sole proprietorship is the most popular, oldest and simplest form of business organization. It is basically made up of two words, one is ‘sole’,… Read More
Planning is a blueprint of the course of action to be followed in the future. It is also a mental exercise that requires imagination, foresight,… Read More
Business transactions conducted through the internet are called online transactions. It is a payment method that aims to settle money transfers or funds settlements via… Read More
e-banking is the result of the internet and e-commerce. e-Banking is a service provided by the banks, in which a customer is allowed to conduct… Read More
In order to review a backward economy, it was necessary for the government to plan for new economic planning. The new economic planning focused on… Read More
When a currency is stripped of its legal status and replaced with a new currency, it is known as demonetization. It is also interpreted as… Read More
Economic environment refers to all these forces that have an economic impact on business activities. We know that business is an economic organization. Therefore, its… Read More
A business cannot run in isolation. It requires proper management and organisation of business activities in an appropriate form. For this, it is essential for… Read More
Scientific management means the use of scientific methods to solve the problems of management. It is the art of knowing exactly what you want your… Read More
The word environment is derived from the French word ‘environ’, which means surrounding, i.e., external conditions involving manifold variables like objects or conditions affecting the… Read More

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