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Directing is the managerial function of guiding, inspiring, instructing, and harnessing people towards the accomplishment of the desired results. Directing includes issuing orders and instructions… Read More
After planning, organising the structure of the organisation and arranging the necessary human force, the next important step is directing. Directing aims to ensure that… Read More
Staffing and Human Resource Management Human resource management is a process that brings people and organizations together so that organizational and individual goals can be… Read More
Staffing is that part of management which is concerned with obtaining, utilizing, and maintaining capable people to fill all positions in the organization from top-level… Read More
The principal assets of an enterprise that lay down the foundation of any organization are talented and hardworking people. For any organization’s growth and development,… Read More
It is a form of business, which is found only in India, and wherein the business is owned and carried on by the members of… Read More
On the basis of ownership, a company can be of three types: 1. One Person Company 2. Private Company 3. Public Company. The Companies Act,… Read More
All those economic activities, which are connected with production, purchase and sale of goods or supply of services with the objective of earning profit is… Read More
Delegation of authority means assigning work to subordinates and giving them authority to do it. Delegation takes place when a superior grants some discretion to… Read More
Centralisation refers to the concentration of authority at the top level of the organisation. It is the systematic and consistent reservation of authority at the… Read More
Commerce is a wide term consisting of all those activities, which are necessary for sale, transfer or exchange of goods and services. Commerce includes two… Read More
Frederick Winslow Taylor(1856-1915) F.W Taylor was an American mechanical engineer who started his career as a mechanic and rose to the position of chief engineer… Read More
As far as we are concerned with different business organizations, Centralization and Decentralization are two relative terms. Centralization focuses all the decision-making functions at the… Read More
It is not possible for an individual to perform all the tasks assigned to him. To meet the targets, the appropriate authority is to be… Read More
The structure under which jobs of similar nature are grouped under one department is known as Functional Structure. All the departments report to one coordinating… Read More

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