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Category Archives: Business Studies

What is Direct Tax? Direct tax can be defined as a type of tax in which the incidence and impact of the tax are levied… Read More
What is Public Sector? The public sector is comprised of various organisations that are owned and managed by the government.  These organisations may be partially… Read More
Business is concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services to meet demands. Finance is required by businesses to carry out many activities.… Read More
What is Business Finance? Finance is the lifeblood of any business. The mere inception of a business idea is not enough, it can only be… Read More
What is International Financing? When LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation And Globalisation) was accepted by the country in 1991, the aspect of Globalisation broadened the avenues with… Read More
Any financial institutions or organisations which deal in money are known as banks. The most commonly recognisable banking services are accepting deposits and providing loans.… Read More
A subsidiary is a corporation that is controlled or owned by another. The controlling company is referred to as the parent company, while the subsidiary… Read More
What is Social Responsibility? The obligation of business to act in a manner which will serve in the best interest of society is termed as… Read More
What is a Joint Venture? Countries worldwide are witnessing significant changes in how they create and market different products and services. Earlier, national economies were… Read More
What is Retail Trade? Trade plays an important role in the industrial development of a country. Trade includes buying and selling goods and services with… Read More
In the modern era, there have been fundamental changes in the way business is done. The term “mode of business” refers to the way the… Read More
E-business: Conducting business activities over the internet or any other computer network is known as E-business or Electronic Business. E-business conducts all business activities, like… Read More
What is e-business? Conducting business activities over the internet or any other computer network is known as e-business or Electronic Business. e-business conducts all business… Read More
What is Insurance? Insurance is a method that spreads the loss likely to be caused by an unknown occurrence among a number of people who… Read More
What is Trade Credit? Trade credit is credit given by one merchant to another for the purchase of products and services. Trade credit allows for… Read More

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