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In traditional networks, the control and data plane are embedded together as a single unit. The control plane is responsible for maintaining the routing table… Read More
Consensus is a general agreement on a decision made by the majority of those involved. For example, the problem may be as simple as friends… Read More
Every web developer looks for time-saving shortcuts to improve their workflow. The development process has been made easier with a number of great tools, and… Read More
Given two Geometric Progressions (a1, r1) and (a2, r2) where (x, y) represents GP with initial term x  and common ratio y and an integer… Read More
Given an array of pairs arr[][] of length N, and an array queries[] of length M, and an integer R, where queries[i] contain an integer… Read More
Johnson’s algorithm finds the shortest paths between all pairs of vertices in a weighted directed graph. It allows some of the edge weights to be… Read More
Given a Matrix grid[][] of size NxM where N is number of rows and M is number of columns. The task is to form a… Read More
The queue is an abstract data type which is defined by following structure and operations. Queue is structured as an ordered collection of items which… Read More
Given an array arr[], the task is to perform arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /) on arr[] in sequence. These operations are performed on adjacent… Read More
Overview :Computer Science is the science of computers how computers work and do computations. Laptops, desktops, quantum computers, microprocessors, etc. are all the physical aspects… Read More
Overview :To guess the subnet for a given IP address, there are 3 basic heuristics that will be used in Software Defined Networks Algorithm. The… Read More
ccat is a command-line tool for Linux and OSX, which is similar to the cat command in Linux. But the difference between cat and ccat… Read More
MultiDict is a sub-class of Dictionary that can contain multiple values for the same key, unlike normal Dictionaries.  It is used because some form elements… Read More
As developer git is the most useful arena which is not operated directly so do we have git commands that become very crucial that one… Read More
Java is an Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) language. We need to create objects in order to access methods and variables inside a class. However, this is not… Read More

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