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Find the largest rectangular area possible in a given histogram where the largest rectangle can be made of a number of contiguous bars. For simplicity,… Read More
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Primary Key refers to the column of a table that uniquely identifies a row in a table. It contains unique values and can not contain… Read More
To select words with certain values at the end of the word In SQL, we can use pattern matching. A pattern matching allows users to… Read More
Decimal values are those values that have “float” as a datatype. There are various methods to remove decimal values in SQL: Using ROUND() function: This… Read More
View is a virtual table based on the result-set of an SQL statement. It is like the subset of the table and basically created to… Read More
A stored procedure is a set of (T-SQL ) statements needed in times when we are having the repetitive usage of the same query. When… Read More
Pattern matching is a feature that allows testing an expression for the occurrence of a given pattern. It is a feature more prevalent in functional… Read More
Getting the latest record from the table is a simple task, you do not have a need to get advanced knowledge of SQL. In this… Read More
A README file is an essential guide that gives other developers a detailed description of your GitHub project. You may be wondering, Why anyone should… Read More
JSON refers to Javascript Object Notation. It is a popular text data format used to exchange data on modern web and mobile applications. It is… Read More
Tkinter is the most popular Python library used to create GUI-based applications. The name Tkinter comes from the Tk interface. In this article, we will… Read More

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