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Prerequisite – Cryptocurrency With the industrialization and involvement of technology, digital currencies are gaining an upper hand over others. One such currency is bitcoins. Many… Read More
As a beginner, while starting learning something new everyone is having a question in mind, “How to get started?”. When I started learning Blockchain I… Read More
A hash function is a mathematical function that takes an input string of any length and converts it to a fixed-length output string. The fixed-length… Read More
Blockchain is the backbone Technology of Digital CryptoCurrency BitCoin.  A Blockchain is a list of records called blocks that are linked together using linked lists… Read More
Bitcoin is different from other types of traditional currency such as dollars or euros which you can also use to buy things and exchange value… Read More
Cryptojacking is a malware that conceal on a personal computer system, tablets or mobile gadgets and make use of the machine’s asset to “mine” digital… Read More
Ripple Transaction protocol (RTXTP) is a blockchain protocol that possesses most of the characteristics of the more popular protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum. But what… Read More
Cryptocurrencies are basically digital currencies that can be exchanged for real money. There can be many cryptocurrencies like monero, lite coin and dash but bitcoin… Read More
Hyperledger is an open-source project under the Linux Foundation where people can come and work on the platform to develop blockchain-related use cases. According to… Read More
Blockchain Gaming. It’s a world of it’s own. It’s ‘Ready Player One’ incorporated into gaming. Before reading this article, it is recommended to read: Introduction… Read More
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a network that does payment through digital money. The transaction is peer-to-peer without the… Read More
Currency is one such core concept in blockchain technology that can extended and re-understood. Currency which is usually referred as digital token it facilitates quantified… Read More
The Crowdfunding platform in block-chain makes different possibilities for the startups by raising the funds to create their own digital currency and it is peer-to-peer… Read More
Here In this article, we will discuss the features of blockchain technology and how they make it a revolutionary and highly desirable platform for various… Read More
Double-spending is the outcome of spending some money more than once. Bitcoin users secured themselves from double-spending cheating by waiting for verification when receiving payments… Read More

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