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Transaction in hyperledger fabric reflects the business activity in the fabric network. Due ensure data immutability the transactions are kept inside the block and the… Read More
Smart contracts are programs running on top of blockchain platforms. They interact with each other through well-defined interfaces to perform financial transactions in a distributed… Read More
Ethereum’s RLPx is a set of protocols called RLPx. By employing a modified version of the Kademlia node discovery protocol, it maintains the P2P overlay… Read More
Hyperledger Fabric is a modular, open-source distributed ledger platform designed for enterprise-grade solutions. It is a framework for building blockchain applications that can be customized… Read More
Public/private key pairs are the cryptographic tool that allows you to encrypt and decrypt data. A public key can be shared with anyone without worry,… Read More
Error handling refers to the response and recovery procedures from the error conditions present in the software application. The clarity of the error messages and… Read More
Encryption is the process of encoding information or data in such a way that only authorized parties can access it. The process of encrypting information… Read More
Blockchain is the future of data science. It’s a decentralized ledger that stores an ever-growing list of records called blocks in a secure and encrypted… Read More
Elliptic curve cryptography is employed to implement public key cryptography. It had been discovered by Victor Miller of IBM and Neal Koblitz of the University… Read More
CAP theorem states that it is impossible for a distributed data store to simultaneously provide more than two out of the three guarantees: Consistency, Availability,… Read More
To get the deployed smart contract address in the truffle follow the below steps: Initialize the truffle project in Vs-code. Deploy the smart contract.  If… Read More
Ethereum 2.0 is the next major upgrade for the Ethereum blockchain, which is currently the largest decentralized platform in the world. This upgrade will bring… Read More
Blockchain is the underlying technology of the virtual currency BitCoin. The blockchain is a distributed database that stores records of all transactions or digital events… Read More
The article focuses on discussing the difference between lipp2p, devp2p, and RLPx. The following topics will be discussed here: What is libp2p? What is devp2p?… Read More
Geth Ethereum is the command-line interface for building an Ethereum node in Google’s Go programming language. Geth is a blockchain node that develops software for… Read More

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