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In blockchain platforms, consensus mechanisms can be divided into permissionless (eg., Ethereum, Bitcoin) and permissioned (eg Hyperledger, Ethereum Private). Unlike permissionless blockchain where anyone can… Read More
As we are aware that blockchain is decentralized network which is focused mainly on transparency, Blockchain is list of growing records titled as blocks. Please… Read More
A bitcoin wallet is a place that stores the digital virtual bitcoin cryptocurrency and validates the transactions when using Bitcoin. A wallet keeps the secret… Read More
Blockchain is a time-stamped decentralized series of fixed records that contains data of any size is controlled by a large network of computers that are… Read More
Solidity is a brand-new programming language created by Ethereum which is the second-largest market of cryptocurrency by capitalization, released in the year 2015 and led… Read More
1. What is Proof of Work (PoW) ? The term “proof of work” was coined by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels during a document published… Read More
1. What is Public Blockchain ? Public blockchains are open networks that allow anyone to participate in the network i.e. public blockchain is permissionless. In this… Read More
Polymorphism is the ability to process data in more than one form. Like any other programming language, Solidity also supports polymorphism. Solidity supports two types… Read More
Inheritance is one of the most important features of the object-oriented programming language. It is a way of extending the functionality of a program, used… Read More
Mapping in Solidity acts like a hash table or dictionary in any other language. These are used to store the data in the form of… Read More
Assembly or Assembler language indicates a low-level programming language that can be converted to machine code by using assembler. Assembly language is tied to either… Read More
Solidity has many functions for error handling. Errors can occur at compile time or runtime. Solidity is compiled to byte code and there a syntax… Read More
Problem: Create a smart contract named MyContract having a state variable as owner. Create a constructor to fetch the address of the owner from msg… Read More
A Variable is basically a placeholder for the data which can be manipulated at runtime. Variables allow users to retrieve and change the stored information. … Read More
Abstract contracts are contracts that have at least one function without its implementation or in the case when you don’t provide arguments for all of… Read More

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