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Category Archives: Reasoning – Placements

Spatial aptitude refers to the ability to think and draw conclusions about objects in 3-Dimensional space. Aptitude skills like this enhance reasoning which can help… Read More
Puzzle: Rama started on a quest of visiting temples, with few coins in his pockets. As soon as he visits any temple, the money in… Read More
Puzzle: There was a water kingdom where lived a king octopus with his few servants. The servants either had 6, 7 or 8 legs. It… Read More
Q. Find out the number of points on the globe (Earth) where if we move one mile south, then one mile east and finally one… Read More
While solving the questions on blood relationship, one should be familiar with basic concepts like various relations. Mother's or Father's Brother - Uncle Mother's or… Read More
1. Which letter replaces the “?”: L : O R : I E : V M : ? Solution : N, because if we assign… Read More
In these type of questions, we are given certain conditions and we have to answer certain questions that follow those conditions. Sample Problems Question 1… Read More
In data sufficiency questions, we are given a question and a set of statements. We have to find which of the given statements is required… Read More
Series questions in reasoning are basically of two types, Series completion (missing term, next term) and Series correction (finding the wrong element in the series).… Read More
In Syllogisms, we are given a set of conditions and we have to check whether the conclusions given after the conditions are true or not.… Read More
Assumptions and Conclusions : In these type of questions, we are given a conclusion and we have to find the most appropriate assumption from the… Read More

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