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For the first time Reliance Jio came to our campus for GET profile. The entire process was of 6 days which consist of 1 aptitude(on… Read More
In today’s era, for every single task, whether it be sharing data, watching videos, booking a cab, and many more, there is only one solution… Read More
With the evolving use of technology, gaming industries are continuously engaging more people. Apart from using smartphones as communication devices, we also use them for… Read More
YouTube… The most addictive platform for all age groups. Whether you want to watch movies or you want to make ice cream or you want… Read More
The loader is one of the essential parts of the operating system which loads the program and libraries in memory. There are multiple loading schemes… Read More
Quality is another name that defines GeeksforGeeks and you’re the reason we are able to set a standard in the CS/IT domain and become the… Read More
RDT 2.1 protocol is the successor of RDT 2.0. While transmitting data in the transport layer, the issue of reliable transfer of data persists, the… Read More
In C++ input and output are performed in the form of a sequence of bytes or more commonly known as streams. cerr and clog both… Read More
In this article, we will see how we can combine multiple values, and use them as lookup criteria for searching specific value(s) in the excel… Read More
Given integers X, Y, and Z, representing prices of 3 items A, B and C respectively, and two integers a and b, denoting count of… Read More
All variables use data type during declarations to restrict the type of data to be stored. Therefore, we can say that data types are used… Read More
Four out of ten enterprise companies included in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s biannual survey reported that they’re running Kubernetes in production environments. As more… Read More
C++ is a programming language, which has imperative and object-oriented programming(OOPs) features. It is referred to as a middle-level programming language. C++ was developed by… Read More
A device through which a user can give data, information, or control signals to a computer is known as an input device. A computer Central… Read More
C++17 enables writing simple, clearer, and more expressive code. Some of the features introduced in C++17 are: Nested Namespaces Variable declaration in if and switch… Read More

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