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JSON is a format with the help of which we can exchange the data from the server within our application or a website. For accessing… Read More
ExoPlayer View is one of the most used UI components in media streaming applications for displaying video files within android applications. It is similar to… Read More
Many applications prefer displaying a huge amount of data in the form of charts. There are different types of charts used in the application to… Read More
Scratch Card View is nowadays seen in most of the payment applications which provide coupons on various transactions within our application. This scratch card view… Read More
Proximity Sensor is one of the sensors in mobile devices we use almost daily. This sensor is present in the top section of your phone.… Read More
Many applications display video within their application to display video content. The videos are huge in size so it is not practically possible to add… Read More
Many applications display videos within their application for displaying video content directly from YouTube. For displaying these YouTube videos within android applications we have to… Read More
In Android, A dialog is a small window that prompts the user to make a decision, provide some additional information, and inform the user about… Read More
PDF is a portable document format that is used to represent data such as images, tables, and many more. Nowadays the use of PDF is… Read More
A deep link is a URL that is used to direct users to a specific page or specific activity within the application. We can also… Read More
A drawable is an image file that is used to display inside our image view. We can display the images directly within the image view… Read More
Many applications nowadays use QR codes within their application to hide some information. QR codes are seen within many payment applications which are used by… Read More
There are many apps in which data from the app is provided to users in the downloadable PDF file format. So in this case we… Read More
Many applications want to add different types of audio files to their android applications. These audio files are played using a media player within the… Read More
Most of the applications provide users with the facility of bills to be downloaded from the mobile applications. This type of application gets the data… Read More

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