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Storage Access Framework is first introduced in Android 4.4, but has come a long way, and has hugely improved in Android 13. Users can easily… Read More
Android 13 brings to us a plethora of new services, APIs, features, and functions to add to our app to turn the overall user experience… Read More
An IntentService is a subclass of Service in Android that is used to handle asynchronous requests (expressed as “Intents”) on demand. It runs in the… Read More
Lambda expressions are a feature of Java 8 and later, which can be used in Android development to simplify code and improve readability. They are… Read More
In Android, synchronization refers to the process of ensuring that data stored in multiple locations is the same and up-to-date. This can be achieved through… Read More
In Android, a thread is a background process that can run independently of the main UI thread. In Java and Kotlin, the Thread class and… Read More
You may have come across various instances where you would want to keep the device awake when your app is performing some kind of action… Read More
Many Android applications include an offer page or discount tags that change colors continuously to capture the attention of users. The principle underlying such bars/tags/coupons… Read More
Shortcuts have been an integral part of Android Apps, almost every app we use has shortcuts that facilitate main activity opening with various time-savers, which… Read More
There have been a lot of security concerns over time over various Android resources, and as we continue moving towards the digital age, they will… Read More
Just as the world is progressing towards a more advanced state, and operating systems getting more and more sophisticated, so are the people who want… Read More
Multi Gradle Modularization is a feature introduced in Android 13, wherein you can have multiple grade and project files working inside the same component. In… Read More
User Data Checkpoint is a crucial feature, which was initially introduced in Android 10, but has now improved over time, and now in Android 13,… Read More
The majority of the time, Android apps are made to use as few resources as feasible. However, some Android applications, such as some 3D games,… Read More
Before shipping any new apps, you may want to have a better understanding of how things will work if you can have better code transparency… Read More

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