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Category Archives: Algorithms

Every positive fraction can be represented as sum of unique unit fractions. A fraction is unit fraction if numerator is 1 and denominator is a… Read More
Given a positive integer n, find the period in decimal value of 1/n. Period in decimal value is number of digits (somewhere after decimal point)… Read More
First Round Written Test 1) Implement Stack Operations. Also maintain count of Largest Integer present in Stack at any given point of Time. 2) Implement… Read More
The worst case time complexity of a typical implementation of QuickSort is O(n2). The worst case occurs when the picked pivot is always an extreme… Read More
Given a number n, create an array of size 2n such that the array contains 2 instances of every number from 1 to n, and… Read More
Given N jobs where every job is represented by following three elements of it. Start Time Finish Time Profit or Value Associated (>= 0) Find… Read More
1st Round : (2 hrs) 1. Implement LRU Cache, 2. Implement your own Blocking Queue. 3. Questions on Collections , a. How AtomicInteger works b.… Read More
I recently attended Komli media interview and wanted to share the experience. First Round(Written) 1. Midas has boxes in three sizes: large, medium, and small.… Read More
Given a directed graph, a source vertex ‘s’ and a destination vertex ‘d’, print all paths from given ‘s’ to ‘d’. Consider the following directed graph.… Read More
Find the factorial of a large number.  What is Factorial of a number? Factorial of a non-negative integer, is the multiplication of all integers smaller… Read More
Round1: Online Coding Round There were 4 coding question. Was asked to answer 2 out of 4. 1) Given a list of N coins, their… Read More
Given an array that represents elements of arithmetic progression in order. One element is missing in the progression, find the missing number.  Examples:  Input: arr[]… Read More
1st round – 30 min,30 MCQs (IQ test) 2nd round – Coding test(30 min) Q1-> Insertion sort Q2-> Reverse a number using recursion Q3-> Didn’t… Read More
Given a number of friends who have to give or take some amount of money from one another. Design an algorithm by which the total… Read More
Given a matrix where every element is either ‘O’ or ‘X’, replace ‘O’ with ‘X’ if surrounded by ‘X’. A ‘O’ (or a set of… Read More

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