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Category Archives: Algorithms

 Given two arrays arrA[] and arrB[] containing N integers each. Perform the following operation any number of times (possibly zero): Select any index i (0… Read More
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Given a range [L, R] and an integer K, find all the groups in the given range having at least K consecutive composite integers.  … Read More
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Given a string S of length N. The string consists only of letters ‘F’ and ‘B’. The task is to generate a sequence performing some… Read More
Given an array arr[] of size N. Find the minimum sum of the array after performing given operations any number of times: Select two different… Read More
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Given two strings, S and T where S is a normal string and T is a compressed string, the task is to determine if the… Read More
Round 1( Technical Interview 1): It was one hr long, conducted on Bar Raiser. Starts with an introduction then he asked two coding questions –… Read More
Given a binary matrix mat[][]. The task is to find the maximum 1’s that can be obtained after flipping all the elements of exactly one… Read More
Given an array A = [A0, A1, A2, . . ., AN-1]. Perform the following operation: Total count of indices with value same as their… Read More

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