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Category Archives: Geometric

Given some points on a plane, which are distinct and no three of them lie on the same line. We need to find number of… Read More
Given a matrix of N rows and M columns, consist of 0’s and 1’s. The task is to find the perimeter of subfigure consisting only… Read More
Description:- In this algorithm, we are given 9 regions on the screen. Out of which one region is of the window and the rest 8… Read More
Given hypotenuse and area of a right angle triangle, get its base and height and if any triangle with given hypotenuse and area is not… Read More
Given a circle of radius r in 2-D with origin or (0, 0) as center. The task is to find the total lattice points on… Read More
Given an integer n, find the nth Pentagonal number. The first three pentagonal numbers are 1, 5, and 12 (Please see below diagram). The n’th pentagonal… Read More
We have N coins which need to arrange in form of a triangle, i.e. first row will have 1 coin, second row will have 2… Read More
We are given coordinates of a triangle. The task is to classify this triangle on the basis of sides and angle.Examples:   Input: p1 = (3,… Read More
Given a set of points as and a line as ax+by+c = 0. We need to find a point on given line for which sum… Read More
Given starting and ending positions of segments on a line, the task is to take the union of all given segments and find length covered… Read More
Given N point on a 2D plane as pair of (x, y) co-ordinates, we need to find maximum number of point which lie on the… Read More
Consider a circle with n points on circumference of it where n is even. Count number of ways we can connect these points such that… Read More
Given ordered coordinates of a polygon with n vertices. Find the area of the polygon. Here ordered means that the coordinates are given either in… Read More
Given two points p (x1, y1) and q (x2, y2), calculate the number of integral points lying on the line joining them.Example : If points… Read More
Given three non-collinear integral points in XY plane, find the number of integral points inside the triangle formed by the three points. (A point in… Read More

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