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Category Archives: Geometric

Given many intervals as ranges and our position. We need to find minimum distance to travel to reach such a point which covers all the… Read More
Given two points pointU and pointV in XY-space, we need to find a point which has integer coordinates and lies on a line going through… Read More
Given an array of n positive distinct integers representing lengths of lines that can form a triangle. The task is to find the number of… Read More
We have a circle centered at origin (0, 0). As input we are given with starting angle of the circle sector and the size of… Read More
Given a paper of size, A x B. Task is to cut the paper into squares of any size. Find the minimum number of squares… Read More
Given n coordinate (x, y) of points on 2D plane and Q queries. Each query contains an integer r, the task is to count the… Read More
Given some points on a plane, which are distinct and no three of them lie on the same line. We need to find number of… Read More
Given a matrix of N rows and M columns, consist of 0’s and 1’s. The task is to find the perimeter of subfigure consisting only… Read More
Description:- In this algorithm, we are given 9 regions on the screen. Out of which one region is of the window and the rest 8… Read More
Given hypotenuse and area of a right angle triangle, get its base and height and if any triangle with given hypotenuse and area is not… Read More
Given a circle of radius r in 2-D with origin or (0, 0) as center. The task is to find the total lattice points on… Read More
Given an integer n, find the nth Pentagonal number. The first three pentagonal numbers are 1, 5, and 12 (Please see the below diagram). The n’th… Read More
We have N coins which need to arrange in form of a triangle, i.e. first row will have 1 coin, second row will have 2… Read More
We are given coordinates of a triangle. The task is to classify this triangle on the basis of sides and angle.Examples:   Input: p1 = (3,… Read More
Given a set of points as and a line as ax+by+c = 0. We need to find a point on given line for which sum… Read More

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