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Category Archives: Geometric

Given two convex polygons, we need to find the lower and upper tangents to these polygons. As shown in the figure below, and show upper and lower tangent… Read More
Given coordinates of all three vertices of the triangle in the 2D plane, the task is to find all three angles.Example:   Input : A =… Read More
Only user-defined functions. No inbuilt functions at all. No scanning for inputs, directly assign to vars.  Level 1: (2 hours – pen & paper) 1.Solve the equation… Read More
Given N points in 2-dimensional space, we need to find three points such that triangle made by choosing these points should not contain any other… Read More
A convex polygon and a convex clipping area are given. The task is to clip polygon edges using the Sutherland–Hodgman Algorithm. Input is in the… Read More
Given a set of points, a Convex hull is the smallest convex polygon containing all the given points. Input is an array of points specified… Read More
Given N lines and one starting point and destination point in 2-dimensional space. These N lines divide the space into some blocks. We need to… Read More
Given area and hypotenuse, the aim is to print all sides if right triangle can exist, else print -1. We need to print all sides… Read More
Given N points in 2-dimensional space, we need to print the count of the minimum number of lines which traverse through all these N points… Read More
What is the maximum number of squares of size 2×2 units that can be fit in a right-angled isosceles triangle of a given base (in… Read More
Given number of cuts, find the maximum number of possible pieces.Examples:   Input : 2 Output : 4 Input : 3 Output : 7   Recommended:… Read More
We are given four segments as a pair of coordinates of their end points. We need to tell whether those four line segments make a… Read More
Given many intervals as ranges and our position. We need to find minimum distance to travel to reach such a point which covers all the… Read More
Given two points pointU and pointV in XY-space, we need to find a point which has integer coordinates and lies on a line going through… Read More
Given an array of n positive distinct integers representing lengths of lines that can form a triangle. The task is to find the number of… Read More

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