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Category Archives: Geometric

Given 3 non-collinear points in the 2D Plane P, Q and R with their respective x and y coordinates, find the circumcenter of the triangle.Note:… Read More
Given two points P and Q in the coordinate plane, find the equation of the line passing through both the points.This kind of conversion is… Read More
Consider a rectangle ABCD, we’re given the co-ordinates of the mid points of side AD and BC (p and q respectively) along with their length… Read More
Given n > 3, find number of diagonals in n sided convex polygon.According to Wikipedia, In geometry, a diagonal is a line segment joining two… Read More
Find the value of m and c such that a straight line y = mx + c, best represents the equation of a given set… Read More
Given points A and B corresponding to line AB and points P and Q corresponding to line PQ, find the point of intersection of these… Read More
Given an array of binary integers, suppose these values are kept on the circumference of a circle at an equal distance. We need to tell… Read More
Given a fixed set of points. We need to find convex hull of given set. We also need to find convex hull when a point… Read More
Given ‘n’ points on 2-D plane, find the maximum number of points that can be enclosed by a fixed-radius circle of radius ‘R’. Note: The point… Read More
Given a circle of radius r and center in point(x1, y1) and given a point(x2, y2). The task is move center of circle from given… Read More
Given a convex hull, we need to add a given number of points to the convex hull and print the convex hull after every point… Read More
A convex hull is the smallest convex polygon containing all the given points. Input is an array of points specified by their x and y… Read More
Given two convex polygons, we need to find the lower and upper tangents to these polygons. As shown in the figure below, and show upper and lower tangent… Read More
Given coordinates of all three vertices of the triangle in the 2D plane, the task is to find all three angles.Example:   Input : A =… Read More
Only user-defined functions. No inbuilt functions at all. No scanning for inputs, directly assign to vars.  Level 1: (2 hours – pen & paper) 1.Solve the equation… Read More

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