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Category Archives: Geometric

Given center of the sphere and its radius. your task is to store efficiently all the integer points required to show a sphere on the… Read More
Given a set L = {l1, l2, ………, ln} of ‘n’ distinct lines on the Euclidean Plane. The ith line is given by an equation… Read More
Given three coordinate points A, B and C, find the missing point D such that ABCD can be a parallelogram.Examples :   Input : A =… Read More
Given the co-ordinates of a 2-dimensional point p(x0, y0). Find the points at a distance L away from it, such that the line formed by… Read More
We have already discussed the rotation of a point P about the origin in the Set 1 and Set 2. The rotation of point P… Read More
Let’s first consider a general case where the line is nothing but the X-Axis. We can now definitely say that the conjugate of a point… Read More
Given 3 non-collinear points in the 2D Plane P, Q and R with their respective x and y coordinates, find the circumcenter of the triangle.Note:… Read More
Given two points P and Q in the coordinate plane, find the equation of the line passing through both points.This kind of conversion is very… Read More
Consider a rectangle ABCD, we’re given the co-ordinates of the mid points of side AD and BC (p and q respectively) along with their length… Read More
Given n > 3, find number of diagonals in n sided convex polygon.According to Wikipedia, In geometry, a diagonal is a line segment joining two… Read More
Find the value of m and c such that a straight line y = mx + c, best represents the equation of a given set… Read More
Given points A and B corresponding to line AB and points P and Q corresponding to line PQ, find the point of intersection of these… Read More
Given an array of binary integers, suppose these values are kept on the circumference of a circle at an equal distance. We need to tell… Read More
Given a fixed set of points. We need to find convex hull of given set. We also need to find convex hull when a point… Read More
Given ‘n’ points on 2-D plane, find the maximum number of points that can be enclosed by a fixed-radius circle of radius ‘R’. Note: The point… Read More

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