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Category Archives: Geometric

Given a maximum limit of x – coordinate and y – coordinate, we want to calculate a set of coordinates such that the distance between… Read More
Given four sides of quadrilateral a, b, c, d, find the maximum area of the quadrilateral possible from the given sides .Examples:   Input : 1… Read More
An angle is a geometrical figure when two rays meet at a common point on a plane. These rays form the sides of the angle… Read More
A circular sector or circle sector is the portion of a disk enclosed by two radii and an arc, where the smaller area is known… Read More
Direction of given point P from a line segment simply means given the co-ordinates of a point P and line segment (say AB), and we… Read More
Given four points in a 2-dimensional space we need to find out whether they make a parallelogram or not.   A parallelogram has four sides.… Read More
Given N lines in two-dimensional space in y = mx + b form and a vertical section. We need to find out whether there is… Read More
Cuboid is a 3-dimensional box-like figure represented in the 3-dimensional plane.Cuboid has 6 rectangled-shape faces. Each face meet another face at 90 degree each.Three sides… Read More
Cube is a 3-dimensional box-like figure represented in the 3-dimensional plane. Cube has 6 squared-shape equal faces. Each face meet another face at 90 degree… Read More
Given a positive integer K, a circle center at (0, 0) and coordinates of some points. The task is to find minimum radius of the… Read More
Given radius of a circle, write a program to find its circumference.Examples :   Input : 2 Output : Circumference = 12.566 Input : 8 Output… Read More
A rectangle is a flat figure in a plane. It has four sides and four equal angles of 90 degree each. In rectangle all four… Read More
A square is a flat shape, in one plane, defined by four points at the four corners. A square has four sides all of equal… Read More
You are given an isosceles (a triangle with at-least two equal sides) right angle triangle with base b, we need to find the maximum number… Read More
We are given n blocks of size 1 x 1, we need to find the minimum perimeter of the grid made by these blocks.Examples :  … Read More

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