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Category Archives: Geometric

Given slant height, height and radius of a frustum of a cone, we have to calculate the volume and surface area of the frustum of… Read More
Given the sides of Parallelogram then calculate the circumference.Examples :   Input: a = 10, b = 8 Output: 36.00 Input: a = 25.12, b =… Read More
Given latitude and longitude in degrees find the distance between two points on the earth.  Image Source : WikipediaExamples:   Input : Latitude 1: 53.32055555555556 Latitude… Read More
Given the side of the Octahedron then calculate the volume of Octahedron.Examples:   Input : 3 Output : 12.7279 Input : 7 Output : 161.692  … Read More
Time complexity: O(1) space complexity: O(1)A Tetrahedron is simply a pyramid with a triangular base. It is a solid object with four triangular faces, three… Read More
Given the length, breadth, height of a cuboid. The task is to divide the given cuboid in minimum number of cubes such that size of… Read More
Given the dimensions of cylindrical water tank, spherical solid balls and the amount of water present in the tank check if water tank will overflow… Read More
Calculate volume and surface area of a hemisphere. Hemisphere : In geometry, it is an exact half of a sphere. We can find many of the real… Read More
Given two coordinates (x1, y1) and (x2, y2), and m and n, find the co-ordinates that divides the line joining (x1, y1) and (x2, y2)… Read More
Given n integer coordinates. The task is to find sum of manhattan distance between all pairs of coordinates. Manhattan Distance between two points (x1, y1) and… Read More
We are given n points in a Cartesian plane. Our task is to find the minimum number of points that should be removed in order… Read More
A trapezium is a quadrilateral with at least one pair of parallel sides, other two sides may not be parallel. The parallel sides are called… Read More
Given a tank with definite height and radius and the flow of water available to fill the tank. Determine whether the tank will overflow or… Read More
We are given the sum of length, breadth and height, say S, of a cuboid. The task is to find the maximum volume that can… Read More
Ellipsoid, closed surface of which all plane cross sections are either ellipses or circles. An ellipsoid is symmetrical about three mutually perpendicular axes that intersect… Read More

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