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Category Archives: Geometric

Given n number of rectangles with it’s L-length and B-Breadth. We can turn any rectangle by 90 degrees. In other words, after turning them, the… Read More
A prism that has 5 rectangular faces and 2 parallel pentagonal bases is a pentagonal prism. So you are given the apothem length(a), base length(b)… Read More
Here we have a rectangle of length l & breadth b. We have to find the circumradius of the rectangle. Examples:  Input : l =… Read More
Given a triangle with known sides a, b and c; the task is to find the area of its circumcircle.Examples:   Input: a = 2, b… Read More
Given the side (a) of the isosceles triangle. The task is to find the area (A) and the altitude (h). An isosceles triangle is a… Read More
Given the base length(b) and slant height(s) of the square pyramid. The task is to find the surface area of the Square Pyramid. A Pyramid… Read More
Given a circle which is the incircle of a triangle whose sides are a, b< and c, the task is to find the radius of… Read More
Given a rectangle of length and breadth . The task is to find the area of the biggest triangle that can be inscribed in it.Examples:   Input: L… Read More
Given here is an equilateral triangle with side length a, which inscribes a circle, which in turn inscribes a square. The task is to find… Read More
Given the vertices of the triangle. The task is to find the centroid of the triangle:Examples:   Input: A(1, 2), B(3, -4), C(6, -7) Output: (3.33,… Read More
Given a square of size n. There are n2 small squares inside the square n of size 1 unit each, in which any one of… Read More
Given three 2-Dimensional vector co-ordinates A, B and C. The task is to perform below operations any number of times on vector A to get… Read More
Given a parabola with vertex (h, k), and , the distance between focus and vertex. The task is to determine if the point (x, y) is… Read More
Given an ellipse centered at (h, k), with semi-major axis a, semi-minor axis b, both aligned with the Cartesian plane. The task is to determine… Read More
Given the coordinates of 5 2-dimensional points, check if they form a closed T shape. Print ‘Yes’ if they form T shape and ‘No’ otherwise.… Read More

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