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Category Archives: Geometric

Given N horizontal lines represented by an array position[][] of size N, where position[i] represents the ith horizontal line which has x-coordinates from position[i][0] to… Read More
Given a rectangle of length L and breadth B, the task is to print the maximum integer altitude possible of the largest triangle that can… Read More
Given two arrays X[] and H[] of size N, where X[i] denotes the X-coordinate of the ith vertical rod and H[i] denotes the height of… Read More
In geometry, Descartes’ theorem states that for every four mutually tangent circles, the radii of the circles satisfy a certain quadratic equation. One can construct… Read More
Given two positive integers A and B representing the sides of the right kite, the task is to find the area of the circumcircle and… Read More
Given N non-intersecting nested polygons, and a 2D array arr[][] of pairs, where each cell of the array represents the coordinates of the vertices of… Read More
There are many ways of classifying algorithms and a few of them are shown below: Implementation Method Design Method Other Classifications Classification by Implementation Method:… Read More
Given two positive integers h and w representing the height h and width w which forms a rectangle. Also, there are two arrays of integers… Read More
Given angles(in degrees) A, C, and the side c, corresponding to the figure below, the task is to find the remaining two sides a and… Read More
Given a number N, and an array A[] of size 2N, the task is to make N pairs of these array elements and place them… Read More
Given an N-sided regular convex polygon and an angle A in degrees, the task is to find any 3 vertices i, j, and k, such… Read More
Given a vector of pairs,  V[] denoting the width and height of N rectangles numbered from 1 to N, these rectangles are placed in contact… Read More
Given a positive integer N representing the side of a square, the task is to find the area of a triangle formed by connecting the… Read More
Given two integers A and B, representing the length of the semi-major and semi-minor axes of a Hyperbola, the task is to find the length… Read More
Given six integers, a, b, c, i, j, and k representing the equation of the circle  and equation of the line , the task is to find… Read More

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