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Category Archives: Geometric

Given a side of the cube a. The task is to find the length of the diagonal of the cube.  Examples:   Input : a =… Read More
The following numbers form the concentric hexagonal sequence : 0, 1, 6, 13, 24, 37, 54, 73, 96, 121, 150 ……The number sequence forms a pattern… Read More
Game Theory (Normal – form game) | Set 1 (Introduction) Please go through the above article before proceeding. Given a payoff matrix. The task is… Read More
Given two integers r and d where r is the radius of the smaller circle and d is the difference of the area of this… Read More
Given four integers A, B, C and D which represents the four angles of a Quadrilateral in degrees. The task is to check whether the… Read More
Given three integers A, B and C which are the three angles of a possible triangle in degrees, the task is to check whether the… Read More
An ellipse is described as a curve on a plane that surrounds two focal points such that the sum of the distances to the two… Read More
Given an integer N representing N sided regular polygon, the task is to find the angle made by the sides on the centre of the… Read More
Given the vertices of a triangle and length of its sides. A circle is inscribed in a triangle. The task is to find the incenter… Read More
Given N ranges of type1 ranges and M ranges of type2.The task is to find the total number of intersections between all possible type1 and… Read More
Background: Cyrus Beck is a line clipping algorithm that is made for convex polygons. It allows line clipping for non-rectangular windows, unlike Cohen Sutherland or… Read More
Kite is something like rhombus but in Kite, the adjacent sides are equal and diagonals are generally not equal.   Method 1: When both the diagonals… Read More
Window to Viewport Transformation is the process of transforming 2D world-coordinate objects to device coordinates. Objects inside the world or clipping window are mapped to… Read More
Given a circle having a chord and an angle subtended by chord on center of the circle. The task here is to find the measure… Read More
Given a quadratic function ax2 + bx + c. Find the maximum and minimum value of the function possible when x is varied for all… Read More

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