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Category Archives: Geometric

Given an array arr[] consisting of N integers, denoting N points lying on the X-axis, the task is to find the point which has the… Read More
Given a rectangle of dimensions L and W. The task is to find the maximum area of a rectangle that can be circumscribed about a… Read More
Given two lines L1 and L2, each passing through a point whose position vector are given as (X, Y, Z) and parallel to line whose… Read More
Given two integers r and R representing the length of Inradius and Circumradius respectively, the task is to calculate the distance d between Incenter and… Read More
Given four integers N, A, K, n where N represents the number of sides the polygon, A represents the initial angle of the polygon, K… Read More
Given one of the Sides S, Diagonal D, or Perimeter P of the square, the task is to find the area of the square with… Read More
Given three numbers N, K, and B, the task is to check if N contains only K as digits in Base B. Examples:  Input: N… Read More
Given three Cartesian coordinates, the task is to check if a right-angled triangle can be formed by the given coordinates. If it is possible to… Read More
Given N axis-parallel rectangles in a 2-D Cartesian coordinate system and coordinates of 4N-1 vertices, the task is to find the single vertex missing. Examples:  … Read More
Consider 9 circles each arranged at the center of cells of a 2-D matrix of shape 3*3. Draw 3 straight lines without removing pen from… Read More
Given four integers N, R, X, and Y such that it represents a circle of radius R with [X, Y] as coordinates of the center.… Read More
Given an array arr[] of N elements, where each element represents an angle(in degrees) of a polygon, the task is to check whether it is… Read More
Given height H, and width W, of a rectangle, the task is to find the side of a square of the minimum area in which… Read More
Given a number N which denotes the number of sides of the polygon where the centroid of the polygon is connected with all the vertices,… Read More
Prerequisites: Graham Scan’s Convex Hull, Orientation.Given a set of N points in a coordinates plane, the task is to find the maximum distance between any… Read More

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