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Category Archives: Divide and Conquer

Given N vertex where N is even. Initially there is no edge between any of the vertices. You are allowed to perform operation as illustrated here:  … Read More
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Given an integer k and a monotonic increasing sequence: f(n) = an + bn [log2(n)] + cn^3 where (a = 1, 2, 3, …), (b =… Read More
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Pre-requisites: Segment Tree Given an array of digits arr[]. Given a number of range [L, R] and a digit X with each range. The task… Read More
Given an sorted array of positive numbers our tasks is to find the kth smallest sum of continuous subarray. Examples: Input : a[] = {1,… Read More
Binary Search is a searching technique which works on the Divide and Conquer approach. It is used to search for any element in a sorted… Read More
We are given a recursive function that describes Nth terms in the form of other terms. In this article, we have taken specific examples. Now you… Read More
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Prerequisite :Merge Sort and Quick Sort Quick sort is an internal algorithm which is based on divide and conquer strategy. In this: The array of… Read More

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