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Category Archives: Analysis

In the previous post, we discussed how Asymptotic analysis overcomes the problems of the naive way of analyzing algorithms. But let’s take an overview of… Read More
Why performance analysis? There are many important things that should be taken care of, like user friendliness, modularity, security, maintainability, etc. Why to worry about… Read More
What is the time complexity of following function fun()? Assume that log(x) returns log value in base 2.  C++ void fun() {     int i, j;… Read More
Space Complexity: The term Space Complexity is misused for Auxiliary Space at many places. Following are the correct definitions of Auxiliary Space and Space Complexity.  Auxiliary… Read More
Consider the following algorithm for building a Heap of an input array A.  BUILD-HEAP(A)      heapsize := size(A);      for i := floor(heapsize/2)… Read More

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