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What are sorting networks in parallel computing? Sorting networks are comparison networks that always sort their inputs. They are also known as comparison networks. Comparison… Read More
Inline functions are those functions that are defined in one line, also called one-liner for the same reason. In MATLAB there are two types of… Read More
A flag is a flip-flop that controls certain EU activities or signals a situation carried on by the execution of an instruction. Thirteen flags are… Read More
Segment Descriptor: In the Protected mode of x86, Memory Management Unit (MMU) uses the segment selector to access a descriptor, segment descriptors are a part… Read More
Every image consists of different pixels. A pixel is the smallest unit of an image, that can be displayed and represented on a digital display… Read More
Pre-requisite: Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology designed to use in numerous applications. The architecture of Bluetooth defines two types of networks: Piconet… Read More
Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol known for Home Automation. Wireless Communication protocol is simply a set of rules or some standards, an application, or… Read More
A z-Transform is important for analyzing discrete signals and systems. We know analog signals or signals that are continuous in the time domain. But modern-day… Read More
Green Computing is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently. It is a criterion for measuring organizational success using the triple bottom line… Read More
In 1977, Wolfgang Handler presented a computer architectural classification scheme for determining the degree of parallelism and pipelining built into the computer system hardware. Parallel… Read More
Spanning Tree Protocol is a data link layer or layer-2 protocol whose prime objective is to prevent loops in the different network configurations or network… Read More
RED is among the first Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithms. RED was proposed in 1993 by Sally Floyd. RED is called by three different names;… Read More
The proportional Integral (PI) Controller is the AQM algorithm. It manages the queue at the output port of the router. It includes the major features… Read More
Liveliness Analysis consists of a specified technique that is implemented to optimize register space allocation, for a given piece of code and facilitate the procedure… Read More
Technology is growing rapidly in today’s running world. Technologies are being replaced by much faster and more efficient ones. In all these running processes cybercrime… Read More

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