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Cashfree Interview Experience for Software Engineer-1 | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021

Cashfree visited our campus in August 2021 for 6 months + FTE for their Bengaluru office. CGPA criteria were 7.5 and above.

There were 4 rounds.

Round 1: It was an online coding round conducted on HackerEarth. We have to solve 4 coding questions within 120 min.
2 Questions were of easy level and 1 was medium level and one was hard. Those who solved 3 were shortlisted for interviews around 30 were shortlisted out of 200-220 who appeared for the test.

  1. One was a hashmap-based question.
  2. The second was solved using the greedy approach.
  3. The third was a dfs based question 
  4. The last one was a modification of that made it a hard problem:

Round 2: It was an interview purely based on coding and problem solving and conducted by SDE-2.

Round 3: This was purely based on internship/project-based discussion and core subjects OS DBMS OOPS SQL and CN.
This round was conducted by a Senior engineer with 15 years of experience.

  • Because I used SQL as a database in my internship so he asked to write me few queries.
  • Why you used SQL in your project instead of NoSQL?
  • Difference between SQL and NoSQL DB.
  • How will you optimize the queries on a database which has 100 million rows?
  • What are the primary key and foreign keys?
  • What is indexing?
  • What will happen in the background if you type in the browser?
  • What is DNS?
  • Difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
  • What does quad-core, dual-core, octa-core CPU mean?
  • What does it mean when we say my PC has 8GB RAM?
  • The interviewer asked me Do I want to ask any questions.
  • This Round took 45-50 mins to complete.

Around 9 shortlisted for next round.

Round 4: It was said that it will be a managerial round. It was conducted by the Director level personal.

  • The interviewer asked me to describe project in detail and why you used particular technology or framework.
  • Do you want to deep dive into a particular technology in which you are comfortable?
  • Then he asked me to describe the what are ACID properties.
  • What is inner Join, outer Join?
  • Then he asked to describe about LRU cache.
  • Then asked to tell algorithm of LRU cache and asked approach to implement it?
  • What will be the time complexity of it?
  • This interview ended in 30-35 mins.

7 students including me got the offer.

The whole interview process was so smooth and all the interviewers were highly qualified and skilled. The interviewers were so friendly and helped where ever I was stuck. 

So be confident and All the best.

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