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Carwale Interview Experience (On-Campus for SDE-1)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2018

Round 1: It was an online coding test in which around 150 students appeared. There were 4 coding questions. The difficulty was moderate, one who had done 3 or more questions were shortlisted for next round. This round was conducted on Hacker-rank.

Round 2: It was a F2F round. The interview started with some normal introduction and then he asked some questions based on my resume (mostly on MongoDB). Then he asked me 2 coding questions :

Ques 1: This was a very interesting question. Your friend has taken your laptop and deliberately copies some files to some another location. You have to write a program to find these duplicate files and also delete them.

Soln: My approach was using hashing and the interviewer was very much impressed with me till now.

Ques 2: You are given an array and you have to find if there exist numbers such that a[i]<a[j]<a[k] such that i<j<k. First I gave 2 approaches with O(n3) and O(n2) complexity but the interviewer wanted O(n) solution with no extra space. Suddenly out of nowhere, a trick struck me and with some help of the interviewer I was able to give him a linear solution. The interviewer was really impressed with me and told me that he is done with the interview. The coolest thing about this interview was the interviewer. Then I asked him some questions.

Round 3: This was another F2F system design interview with the technical head of the company. He looked at my resume and asked me about a project based on the blockchain. Then he dived deeper into that project and asked me to design the app from scratch. After that, he asked me various approaches to optimize the application. I gave different approaches to scale the application and at the end, he told me that I was the best among all the students he encountered that day. Those words from the interviewer really made a day for an ECE student.

Round 4: This was an HR interview. The HR was really cool and asked me questions like what success means to you, what your college and school friends think about me, my strengths and other HR questions. Overall the interview experience was really good and out of 10 students who got selected I was among them.

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